Our Values

Hiris creates and measures value for patients, society, health and social care organizations, by transforming knowledge, data, technology and connectivity into actionable insights and business innovation


We employ and work with the best professionals, who apply and bring the highest technical, ethical and business standards.


We don’t trade with human data. We work with human data to create value that is then returned to improve care and patient experience.


We  work in open and transparent environments. We involve all stakeholders and make them owners and beneficiaries of the value that we jointly create.


We never accommodate with the statu quo. We always look for improvements, develop innovative solutions for long standing needs and bring them to reality.


We believe in collective intelligence, therefore we become part and lead international networks of experts and companies who share our thrill to break knowledge borders.


We know health and care are about people caring for people. That’s why we implement only technologies that help people caring for people.

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