Evidence and Results: Big data and Advanced analytics for people’s health and care

Business Intelligence & Knowledge

To provide business intelligence, insights and solutions based on retrospective, benchmark or real time analysis of health organizations based on information about clinical and business processes, at any level of the organization (ie, clinical or business department), single or integrated organizations and health plans.

Predictive Analysis

To provide prospective analysis to identify causes, conditions and actions related to particular adverse or desired events, based on real-world data analysis.

Information Systems Design and Operation

To design and implement on-demand health information systems required to support specific needs of business innovations: pay-for-performance, pay-per-value, risk-sharing arrangements, outcomes management and transparency, clinical resource management, …

To integrate information at local level from public health, social care and other human servicesor self-care, helping to solve the integration and innovation of people-centered needscare at the point of care.

To support and develop customer organizations with education, training and internal capabilities for health information analysis and utilization.

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