Use cases

Strategy, data science and digital transformation for people

Strategic Consulting for Innovation

  • Health, Innovation and Transformation Plans, Policies and Strategies
  • Design, Management and Support to Public-Private Alliances
  • Financing and Investment of Innovation
  • Public Procurement of Innovation
  • Needs Assessment and Market Analysis for innovative products and services

Drugs and Therapies procurement and evaluation

  • Value-based and risk-sharing payments
  • Real World Evidence and Comparative effectiveness
  • Prescription Support and Optimization (TPR)
  • Therapeutical Follow-up Programs

Performance Management

  • Outcomes Reports and Observatories
  • Clinical and Resource Management Scorecards
  • Real time Demand-based capacity and supply planning
  • Clinical guidance analyses and improvement
  • Cost and Utilization Analyses

Patient management and Care continuity

  • Patient journey and care continuity experience
  • Patient-reported Outcomes measuring
  • Telehealth/IoT/home and Social media monitoring and intervention
  • Fraud prevention

Population Health

  • Population health and needs assessment
  • Chronicity and disease-specific profiling and intervention
  • Patient Stratification and risk management
  • Predictive analyses of adverse events and outbreaks

Research and Precision medicines

  • Disease Registries
  • Genomics and Precision medicine
  • Active Pharmacovigilance

Digital Transformation and Technology transfer

  • Virtual and Augmented reality applications
  • Robotics 
  • Business and Process automation
  • Diverse technology integration for specific needs and requirements
  • Integration and value creation of consumer digital health and domotics

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